Improvement helps organisations in creating a connected environment where everyone’s talents and qualities can prosper.

Connecting with people is today’s key to success. No connection, no trust. No trust, no relation. No relation, no collaboration.
Before you can connect with someone else, you need to connect with yourself. Dare asking the following questions: Why am I doing the things I am doing? What gives me energy? What wears me down? How do I communicate? How am I doing the things I am doing? Self-observation and self-reflection leads to self-consciousness, self-regulation and self-motivation. This is the starting point to connect with the other” in an authentic and effective way.

This demands empathy and social flexibility


“Maximizing results by unlocking Human Potential” expresses our conviction that Human Potential in most companies is undervalued and underused. Empowerment is key. Improvement helps companies in creating a sound environment where all people can fully capitalise on their capacities and talents, fulfilling your company’s mission and vision. As a result, motivated people will take initiatives and be fully engaged into future-oriented thinking and operating.
Self-consciousness, connecting with oneself and others, open communication, clear expectations and responsibilities, neatly described tasks and competences are essential. Our self-leadership concept is based on permanent feedback, discipline and anchoring soft skills and processes.




Managing Partner - Professional Certified Coach, PCC - Trainer - Consultant

As managing director, Carl Vanhemelen was responsible for starting up grass root operations for international groups such BNP Paribas, ING and Deutsche Bank. After a few (sales) management positions in the ICT industry, he chose to start his own advisory, training and coaching practice in the field of personal skills (DISC), leadership and sales (management).  He holds a university degree in applied economic sciences and has an additional MBA degree. Certifications: DISC trainer (Success Insights-TTI); Trainer and Coach in Situational Leadership®; Professional Certified Coach, PCC (The Coaching Square, ICF).


Challenging and unabashed, creative, straightforward, confronting, lots of humour, (self)-questioning, respectful and understanding, always engaged and connected, pragmatic and passionate with a deep interest for and intrigued by the coachee/trainee

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Managing Partner - Trainer - Consultant - Coach

Dirk De Corte started a 14-year career in banking with Bank van Breda, continuing his career with BNP Paribas and ING, prior to being managing director of NTGent, one of Belgium’s larger theatre companies. He lecturers in Arts Management at the University of Antwerp and is Senior Advisor to the EBRD Creative Industries Team. As a management consultant, Dirk designed and delivered several customised ‘action learning’ programmes, aimed at the development of strategy and leadership in large corporations. He is a frequent speaker on a variety of subjects (finance, the arts, entrepreneurship, management) at national and international fora. Certifications: DISC trainer (Success Insights-TTI); Trainer and Coach in Situational Leadership®

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Improvement is part of MenT Group, a group of companies active in search, recruitment & selection, testing & assessment and development of people.

Our mission is to align organisations and people to fully unlock potential.

Our yearlong knowledge and experience enables us to increase success and build a sustainable and qualitative cooperation.

We can be of assistance in engaging new people, as well as in assessing and developing present staff.

For search, recruitment, selection, testing and assessment:

  • Direct & Executive Search: MenT’s core activity focuses on Executive Search & Recruitment. MenT handles your recruiting needs, from senior to lower management level, for national as well as international companies.
  • Assessment & Development: MenT takes care of Assessment and Development Centres as well as Human Capital Audits.
  • Improvement: Learning and Development