Self-consciousness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social agility



Effective leadership starts with well-rooted self-leadership

Self-consciousness, being willing and able to connect with oneself and another, open and true communication, clarity regarding mutual expectations, responsibilities, capacities and tasks are essential but are often lacking in a business environment. The “organisational maze” is a secret to many, except for some privileged ones who do know their way. Our self-leadership concept provides you with insights and skills to discover the best in yourself and the other.



DISC Behaviour styles, Drivers/Motivators and Emotional Intelligence are the cornerstones in our approach. They are valuable tools in assessing various environments and the way you relate to them.

These tools help you to understand what drives and motivates yourself and others. Why you and others make certain choices and have certain communication preferences. Improvement is recognised by the Flemish Authorities are “Service Provider” under SME Portfolio (registered number DV.O209511)

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Turning circles. Time and again, when facing problems and challenges, both professionally as well as privately, this is what happens. We stubbornly get stuck and do it ever so convincingly. Again and again. Blind to other options, fearful for the unknown, ardently clinging to our own self-beliefs, rusted habits and convictions. Desperately holding to what we think to know and master best, looking for flawed security. We often put the responsibility onto others, minimalizing our own impact. If we continue doing things as we have been doing them, we will always be getting what we’ve always got. Doing something else creates resistance, doesn’t it?

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Where are you? Where do you come from? Where are you heading for? Why? And How?

Interactive workshop with your Management Team. Vision and Mission or Strategy development with your Board. Individually, in small teams or larger groups. Improvement facilitates and stimulates strategic development processes. Fit to your needs and means. To get full results.

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Symphonic Leadership 

What do an orchestra and your enterprise have got in common? Far more than you think. The Chamber Orchestra of Belgium and Improvement have developed a unique concept where the orchestra meets the corporation and similarities between two worlds are revealed.
You will be seated in the orchestra and literally become part of it, so that you can almost touch the music. Every topic is introduced and been put into practice so that the whole experience becomes understandable, touchable and audible. Every layman will be astounded by how much your company and the orchestra have got in common.
Help this format bring you to new insights and inspiration and – in the meantime – get acquainted with the world of music

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