In detail: training

Increase your company’s strength through a tailor-made training programme.

DISC Behaviour styles, Drivers/Motivators and Emotional Intelligence are the cornerstones in our approach. They are valuable tools in assessing various environments and the way you relate to them. They help you to effectively develop self-leadership and all the skills you need in a business environment. Trainees authentically relate to their environment, have better (self)-confidence and smoother contacts with their colleagues and managers. Depending on the specific needs, we provide for a tailor-made training programme which addresses all the issues you want to see dealt with, both on group as well as individual level.


In house training

If you want to offer your co-workers a comprehensive training programme, our tailor-made solutions are yours.

  • Through an intense dialogue, we get to know your organisation inside out.
  • We jointly look for the focus you and your team needs.
  • Based upon your input, we draft a programme which answers your needs. Welook for a well-balanced mix between “grounded theory” and easy to apply tools which can be put into practice.

Personal Behaviour Styles (DISC) and Motivators/Drivers Stijlen

Your DISC-profile shows your preferred behaviour and communication styles, whereas Motivators-Drivers gives insight in what keeps you going and gives your energy.

In our DISC/Motivators-workshops and assessments you learn about your own (and others’ preferences) and how these differ depending on the situations you find yourself in. This helps to understand what drives yourself and others, why you make the choices you are making, what are your communication needs and how these differ from others’ needs.

During the sessions:

  • You get insight in your own “profile”.
  • You will get familiar with a tool to “read” other peoples’ profile and learn about their communication preferences.
  • You will be able to put all this into practice and learn how to use it in a smooth way.

Trainees will relate to their environments more easily, see their confidence grow, and build stronger relationships with the people they meet.
We provide tailor-made programmes, which exactly answer your company’s needs.

Possible angles:

  • Teambuilding
  • Sales and behavioural styles
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Attuned leadership

Format Training:

  • Grounded theory
  • DISC and Motivators-Drivers Assessments
  • Group and individual exercises
  • Role play (with professional actors if needed)

Improvement Leadership Journey

The daily challenges you face as a leader are huge. How do I keep my people motivated? How do I make them excel? How do I build a real team? Am I doing the right things? Am I doing things right? And what about all these changes? In my team, with my people, both privately as well as professionally? How do they cope? How do I cope? What do I do? How do I honestly and authentically connect with them? How do I coach them so that their engagement increases? What does connected leadership mean to me?

During a three-month journey, Improvement will help you finding answers to these questions. Five one-day workshops, individual coaching sessions in between will provide you with intensive monitoring. You will undertake this journey with your colleagues, learn from each other and live through the same experiences. At the end of the journey, you will feel better armed against the challenges you are facing.
The programme starts from your concrete professional challenges. We offer you tools to tackle issues and problems and jointly draft your own action plan.

Sales Improvement

Every Sales Improvement journey starts with the “basics”:

  • What are your USPs. What makes your company special?
  • What do you do better than your competitor? What do you do quicker? Where is your added value more important and more reliable?
  • What are your clients’ daily problems and how do your USPs address these?

Only when the answers do these questions are crystal clear, it makes sense to sharpen your sales skills.
Improvement helps your organisation to correctly define and implement your USPs, so that your salesforce is well armed.

Staring from an interactive group session, the learning journey may result in a personalised coaching and learning plan with maximum result

Possible programmes:

  • Strategic Sales - When sales processes involve more people and are more complex. Improvement helps you with a strategy that keeps your eyes on the ball.
  • Account Management – Increase your sales with your existing clients. How to create customer intimacy? Draft an account plan, road map and business plan for your key accounts and get this translated into strategic actions.
  • Solution Selling - By implementing our PIN-POINT® model, your sales people acquire the skills to act need- and solution-oriented in the interest of your client.
  • Negotiate - Sales people learn that negotiating is not equal to granting discounts and giving in all the time
  • Presentation techniques – Improvement teaches you to make a powerful sales presentation which keeps your audiences engaged every minute. You will confidently address people and get them convinced of your message.